Raising the Bar on Date Nights

The prince and I decided before we were even married (in 1998!) that we would make weekly date nights a priority. That much we got right. We carved out one evening a week to spend together and guarded it diligently. If an outside event interfered, we rescheduled our date. However, we never planned what we would do.  It usually degenerated into: “What do you want to do?”  “I don’t know, what do you want to do?”

We got away with that for a while. In the excitement of young love, we were happy simply sitting on the couch and talking, going for a walk & talking or rolling a ball (with a floating fish inside) back & forth on the floor & talking (that game got an added dimension when we added kitties to our “castle”–they play with the ball as much as we do!). But as time went on and stresses grew, the relationship-building impact of our date nights began to slip.  Conversations became more one-sided.  The element of fun dwindled. We needed something more.

However, there were significant limitations on what we could do. Food allergies make going out to eat nigh unto impossible. I feel spiritually sick after most movies. And neither of us are socialites or sports enthusiasts. We need some creativity here!

Enter “Project 52 Date Nights“.

Here’s a challenge to plan each date, to make it a special occasion, and to take turns taking responsibility for the evening. The site also gives examples of very creative dates to get ideas flowing.

In July of 2010 I showed my prince the “contract”, commenting that I’d be interested in trying something similar. Much to my surprise, a few days later he said that he’d like to sign the “contract” as it stood under two conditions:
1) we start the following month (August) and
2) I take the planning for the first month.

It’s a deal!

Below you will see the results of our adventure, described in enough detail to give you a leg-up on planning your own creative dates :).  You might want to”begin at the beginning” and see how things progressed.

Let the fun begin!

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