Let’s Go Bonkers!

Our first planned date night got delayed. I’d planned it for Monday night (August 2) and had everything ready, but “life happened” and neither of us were up to “fun” that evening. The next three nights were all booked, so Friday was our next option.

It was worth the wait!

It started with the invitation (outside & inside):

(I had a smiley face after “tie requested”–the computer turned it into a “?” when I converted the file to put it online)

Before dinner, we both changed into “bonkers” outfits. My prince outdid me, as you’ll be able to see from the photo at the end (his real hair is short and stylishly cut).

I’d initially planned to “go bonkers” with food by making a stew with double the normal amount of meatballs, but since it was Friday (we’ve chosen meatless meals as our Friday penance in honor of Good Friday), I needed another option. Fortunately I had one. We had managed to go out to eat about a month before (by a minor miracle!) and the owner of the restaurant (whose daughter has food allergies, so she understands the importance of checking everything) had personally taken it upon herself to create a dish the prince could safely eat–no mean feat! He was impressed not only by that, but by how much he enjoyed the flavor as well!

So…I set out to recreate the meal. For the appetizer, I cut carrots into sliver-sticks, arranged them on top of cucumber slices (from our garden) and set out olive oil to drizzle over the top.

Then I lined a plate with baby spinach leaves (from our garden–yes, this variety still had a little to offer in August!), topped them with slices of zucchini & yellow squash (from our garden) that had been rubbed with garlic-infused olive oil & broiled, topped that with cooked rice noodles (seasoned with more garlic-infused olive oil & salt) & sprinkled more carrot sliver-sticks around the edges. I garnished it with (edible) creeping bellflowers. It was as much a treat for the eyes as for the palate! On the side we had a chard-garbanzo bean dip with cucumber slices & carrot sticks. The beverage was “milk” made from squash seeds.

That was a hit! And even I thought the grilled zucchini was rather tasty.

Once supper had been fully appreciated and cleared away, we headed for the living room where I had a little project ready. I’ve had the game of “Bonkers” since I was little–the old Parker Brothers game where you fill blank spaces on a game board with little cards that tell you what to do next. It’s been my favorite ever since I got it, but this time we were going to play it with a twist. I created new cards on the computer, so I could make them say whatever I wanted! For the “Ahead” cards, I added some sort of action about “head” or “ahead”. For the “Back” cards, I added some sort of action about “back” or “going back”. Etc.

Our first order of business was to cut out the cards (Word documents can be found here:Bonkers). I wanted my prince to get a sneak preview of what was coming!

Then we commenced to play (with a bowl of popcorn on the side).

Oh, was that fun! We laughed a lot, smiled a lot (I noted just how nice it felt when one of us landed on the “exchange smiles” card), touched a lot…and extended the game as long as we could. My prince played cards based on which actions he wanted to do, more than whether he got points or not. He even threw a “Lose” card on himself so he could go back a point & keep from getting to the end of the game so fast! (so, of course, I did the same on myself) When we did get the full amount of points despite ourselves, we reshuffled the cards and played again. The “shower your Sweetie with compliments” card got onto the board this time, in a place where we kept landing on it–up to 5 times in the same turn! (the last time he landed there, my prince said to his guardian angel, “You did that, Azariah, didn’t you?!”)

I felt appreciated, affirmed & kinesthetically recharged (the more healthy touch I get, the better I feel). My prince gave the experience rave reviews as well. Both of us felt better, and felt better about our relationship. I suspect this date night is going to show up again!

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8 Responses to Let’s Go Bonkers!

  1. Angie says:

    Man, I wish I had that game- it looks like a ton of fun! I’m getting some inspiration from your date night posts. I think my love and I need one soon! Thanks!

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