Reading Date

Yes, we’re bookworms. We might as well take advantage of it!

We used to read to each other regularly, while one was doing the dishes or driving, but our schedules have rearranged since then & it’s become much less common. It was time to make an event out of it!

I found the black & white image here, colored it in with chalks (our date was on St. Bartholomew’s day–another martyr–which is why I chose reds), punched the corners & glued on a couple of embellishments:


Your gracious presence
is cordially requested
on Tuesday evening, August 24th
in our little love nest
for a “reading date”
with Dr. Popcak’s book
Refreshments will be provided

The fun part was putting together the “little love nest” :). I wanted a cozy, enclosed space that was a comfy as I could make it. We have a 3 1/2′ x 3 1/2′ corner by the front door (which we don’t use) that I pressed into service. After I cleared out the accumulated stuff, I hung my white opalescent bead curtain in the entrance to set it off from the living room (haven’t had that up since we moved here 10 years ago!), arranged couch cushions on the floor & along the 3 back walls to create a “nest” & covered them with a light blue vellux blanket. (One of our cats was most intrigued by this new arrangement & claimed the “nest” as his own. At least he left the bead curtain alone!) A flower garland entwined with little white Christmas lights draped over the top of the bead curtain & along the doors on either side (one door goes outside, the other to the coat closet), and a halogen lamp provided light for reading. It was really rather inviting! The sense of enclosure increased as it got darker.

The meal wasn’t as elaborate as the previous dates, but I still used our nicest dishes & goblets. My prince had said he wanted burgers, so I made wheat-free bread for him to use as “buns.” I’d tried a recipe earlier, but then barley got knocked out of his diet, so I had to revise it–praise God the new version was good too! We had our usual chard-garbanzo bean dip with cucumber slices and seed milk.

Once supper was over, I made our standard bowl of popcorn & we settled in to our “nest” (which the prince thought was very effective 🙂 ) to read from a Catholic marriage book (for married couples only!) we’d planned to revisit. Because the space was so small, we were pretty much on top of each other, which was part of the fun! The whole setting was conducive to talking about what we were reading, which was the whole idea.

This date was simple, but special & connective.

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