An Enchanting Evening Date

(Yes, the prince is taking over for September, but he got off on a “technicality”–this date was going to be on Monday, August 30, but my prince needed that evening to work on his RCIA presentation & asked if we could move our date to the next available day…)

It was an idea whose time had come :). We’ve had the game (for spouses only) “An Enchanting Evening” for a while, and whenever we play it, we’ve been trying to remember to substitute “prince” or “princess” for “partner” (much more romantic!). So…I retyped the cards with that change (and completely re-wrote the two that reference porn–that does not belong in our castle!), and set the stage to use them!

I found the castle here and added the stars & text.

Since my prince was back in school (teaching) by then, I packed the invitation with his lunch.

His Highness needed a crown, so I made one (I’d kept my eye open at stores, but hadn’t seen anything suitable). This is the pattern I developed: Crown (I taped the pieces together). I cut 6 strips of brown paper, larger than the pattern, from an oatmeal bag (we buy it in 50 lb. bags, so there were no creases in this length of paper!). I glued one strip into a cylinder roughly the same size as the crown pattern, then made 5 more layers, dipping the paper in a 1:1 mixture of white glue:water (basically paper mache) & making sure the overlaps from one layer were in a different spot than the last. That was a mess! The crown pattern was the last layer. I then cut out the crown shape, removed the pattern (it was tearing & falling off anyway) & let the whole thing dry overnight. I was very glad I never planned to do that again!

Once the crown was dry, I spray painted it white (so the final color would be brighter), then gold.

Now for some regal attire…there wasn’t really time to buy fabric & make a proper outfit, but I did have a length of royal blue acetate. A hem on each end to hide the fraying & a belt closure from my button box made a fetching cape for my prince.

In lieu of a cone princess hat for myself, I wore the beaded “crown” on a veil from our RCIA matrimony presentation (the invitation did reference me as “princess bride”–no, I haven’t seen the movie!). My new silk veil made a lovely cape with the help of a couple of hair clips.

A sheet draped over my prince’s chair & fastened with shower curtain rings made a “throne”.

Now for the royal banquet…

One of my prince’s favorite foods used to be pasties. Well, since wheat & dairy got knocked out, I haven’t even tried to make those. It was time to do some research. Can one make pastry without wheat? I found precedent & suggestions online, so I gave it a try. My mom had given me some “safe” shortening (can’t use the typical cottonseed shortening), so that stood in for butter. The flour was mostly oatmeal put through the blender. I didn’t even try rolling out this pastry on the counter–I put it between two layers of “waxed paper” (plastic liner from an old cracker box). That worked really well! I used a lid from a sour cream container to cut pastry circles, filled them with a seasoned mixture of ground beef, potato, garlic & onion, stuck them in the oven & prayed! I used to just fold them in half, but this way they looked like little crowns. In the meantime I got zucchini ready to broil & did a mock-up of red bean soup (added water & spices to already-cooked red beans).

A tape of the Canadian Brass was ready in the background to add to the regal atmosphere.

I was hoping to meet my prince at the door, but I wasn’t quite quick enough–I was changing out of “kitchen clothes” & into “princess attire” when he arrived. I apologized with my most gracious, princess-like air, fastened his cape for him, placed the crown on his head and ushered him to his “throne”.

We began with the soup (a meal served in courses!), then moved on to the zucchini (passing on the cook’s apologies–zucchini cooks differently under an oven that’s already baking pasties than it does under a dedicated broiler–it got a bit dark!). Finally I brought out the “piece de resistance.” The look on my prince’s face was priceless!

(sorry about the blurriness–I couldn’t tell ’till I got it onto the computer & by then it was too late)

“Now that’s something I never thought I’d see again!”

…and, thanks be to God, they were good! They weren’t as tender and flaky as wheat, but the texture wasn’t bad & the flavor was very similar to wheat. My prince was just in awe!

The game calls for a beverage & snacks, so I asked my prince what he’d like (not that we have many options!). He suggested mixing a cube of frozen apple juice (store-bought) with a cube of frozen currant juice (home made) & diluting it to taste. It reminded me a lot of tart pink lemonade (he can’t have citrus at all). That with the usual popcorn & homemade crackers with almond butter rounded out the snacks.

Playing the part of nobility was good for both of us–especially together!

Over the rest of the evening I will draw a veil of privacy, except to say that some of the game’s questions did give us new information & food for thought. My prince would like to join me for some stargazing once we get a hard enough frost to kill off the mosquitoes (I’ve never seen them so thick here before!). Partway through the evening he went to the living room to turn off the fan & called me out to look at the stars with him through the window ;).

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