Indoor Camping Date

The baton has been passed! The prince is planning the dates this month…

A few hours before our date was to begin, he handed me this invitation:

(the eyes & nose/beak represent a cartoon kitty and chicken–the prince raised chickens for 4-H as a child & developed a certain fondness for them, which has left its mark on our correspondence!)

That afternoon, my gallant prince braved the tempest to sear my viands over the dragon’s breath (i.e., despite the wind & rain, he manned the grill under the garage overhang, turning out enough “brat burgers”–hamburgers seasoned to taste like brats–& chicken to last us for months to come; the extra are in the freezer).

When the grilling was done, he had me get out the rest of the food (but not serve it) & then sequester myself in our bedroom with a project (no shortage of those!) so he could prepare the living room.

When he called me out, I walked into this:

I like being outdoors. I like camping. I like being “enclosed.” My prince doesn’t like bugs–and they sort of come with camping (and this year the mosquitoes are so thick that even I don’t want to stay outside very long!)–so he created a “tent” inside using the PVC pipe structure we usually use outside (covered with netting there) to protect our blueberries from hungry birds (if we don’t cover them thoroughly, we don’t get any). Since blueberry season is over, the PVC pipe was available. He covered it with a couple of blankets held in place with spring clamps from his workshop.

Inside the “tent”, he’d put couch cushions on the floor in front of the coffee table & served supper–down to place mats & goblets!

A cd of frogs was playing in the background for ambiance, and he pulled out his recorder and blew just enough notes of “Home on the Range” to be recognizable.

When he finished eating (before me) he finished reading aloud to me from How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It, by Dr. Patricia Love and Dr. Steven Stosny. We’d been working on that one for a few days & getting a lot out of it (although we were rolling our eyes over the evolution references!).   A lot of their descriptions of marital challenges sounded very familiar, and my prince, especially, has been finding the suggestions helpful (not only between us–he managed to diffuse a stressful situation elsewhere miraculously well & quickly using what he learned from this book).

After supper, looking up at the canopy, my prince mused aloud that he could see why I liked it…and idly wondered if it would fit over our bed! When I checked the measurements and assured him that it would, he proceeded to take it down & reconstruct it over our bed! (he only used one blanket there) So far, it’s still there.

I shall shroud the rest of the evening in the darkness of my prince’s invitation…

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5 Responses to Indoor Camping Date

  1. Angie says:

    Have I mentioned how I am enjoying reading these! I’m still working on getting Kurt to sign up! Maybe I should have him read them! Thanks for the great ideas! Love from Kieler!

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