“In Sickness and in Health” Date

Even though my prince planned last week’s date, he asked to do this week’s as well–specifically because he had a couple of days off of school for teacher’s convention (he never goes to those) & wanted more daylight-time for a special activity.

Evidently, God had something better in mind.

“If you want to make God laugh, just tell Him about your plans”
-Woody Allen (and Mother Teresa)

First it rained much of the week. That alone had my prince working on a “Plan B”. Then, Wednesday morning, I woke up undeniably ill. I didn’t feel all that bad (that came later), but my voice was reduced to a croak & my temperature was elevated (I wouldn’t have guessed, but since I take my temperature every morning for NFP records, well, there it was). I let my prince know that I was still up to go anywhere & do anything, but he didn’t want to take me any distance away from home or out in the elements in my condition.
My protective prince :)!

That left him scrambling for “Plan C.”

On Friday (the day we’d originally planned on for this week’s date), he handed me this:

I must admit I did wonder a bit just what he meant by “spicy things”! I suppose I should’ve guessed (maybe I would’ve if I hadn’t been brain-fogged by illness). After our “Mountains of Spices” Date my prince had said that he wanted to continue reading that with me (it felt unfinished, unresolved, to him, although we’ve both read the entire book before). This was his opportunity.

I asked if he minded if I embroidered while he read. That was fine with him (he has enough experience to know that I really can pay attention and do mindless activities at the same time–he can’t, so it took some time for him to wrap his brain around that idea).

I’ve had the fabric and the concept for a fuzzy white, embroidered top for years–I made one (in all white thread) & wear it to death, but had enough fabric for two. Since I developed a sensitivity to polyester (gives me eczema), I have to wear handmade clothes (itchy experience has demonstrated that readymade clothes are almost all sewn with polyester thread, even if they say 100% cotton)–which means I had to learn to sew (not my favorite activity).

Anyway, I’d finally cut out the pieces a week or so previous, but hadn’t gotten to the embroidery. On Friday, since I was dragging too much to do much of anything else anyway, I got out my threads & beads, curled up on the couch & plied my needle while my prince read. I finished the leaves & got most of the bead flowers done.

Today I woke with considerably more energy. I finished the flowers, sewed the pieces together & now have a wearable top! Oh, that’s gonna be nice! (it seems like the old one’s always in the laundry basket when I want it…)

And I very much enjoyed the stories of redemption and divine flexibility as a backdrop :).

So what were “Plan A” and “Plan B”?
I guess I’ll have to wait for another “no school” day to find out…(this kitty’s curious!)

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