“Wired For Sound” Date

As I mentioned last week, one of my “dreams” was to learn to get audio onto cds so I can leave audio love messages for my auditory prince. There are varying classifications for love languages/learning styles, but the more I’ve read & observed, the more obvious it is to me that my prince is highly auditory–and I’m not. Although I love music, in the various questionnaires auditory always comes out on the bottom of the list for me.

Anyway, my prince set out to teach me a new skill. He didn’t have much time to design an invitation, so he did a quick pen & ink sketch:

Isn’t it darling?! 🙂 I love that twitchy tail ;). I could never just “whip off” something like that! Such talent (and he says he can’t draw!).

As it turned out, the program my prince usually uses is on his laptop. I use the main computer, which has a different version of the software. My prince spent most of the time trying to figure out where the various features were in the new format.

We’d hoped to record some samples of our kitties, but they didn’t want to talk (& certainly not into the microphone!). Cat got their tongue, I guess–no, wait, they are cats! (couldn’t resist 😉 ) We finally got a chirrupy meow out of Mittens (black & white–she has 4 white paws) & did a lot of editing to get rid of all the extraneous noise that we recorded while waiting for it! (She’s talking now–I guess meows are only for when you’re trying to get attention!) The only chirp we got out of Moses (so named because, as a kitten, he was climbing everything as if it were Mt. Sinai & playing in water) was when the recorder was off (*sigh*).

I tried a sample of my flute too, which sounds a lot better than it ever did on cassette tape! (of course, boom boxes weren’t really designed for high-quality recording…)

Anyway, don’t expect a podcast anytime soon. I’m sure I’ll have lots of questions as I try to actually record things, but I can get sounds onto the computer, cut out bits I don’t want & save what I do. It’s a start :). Now to figure out what to record (this visual/kinesthetic kitty is having trouble thinking along auditory lines…).

I did one foray just now, recording the kitties’ response when I opened the tuna I’m packing for tomorrow’s lunch (we go meatless for our Friday penance–it’s easier to remember). “Kitties to the Tune O’ Tuna!” They were more subdued than usual–I think they were confused by my bringing the tuna over to the computer (the microphone cord doesn’t reach very far)–but still audible :). I added a verbal introduction & sent it to my prince via email (it was a lot bigger than I expected!).

And that’s it for the kitty princess this week, over & out!

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