Paper Airplane Nostalgia

This was a very nostalgic date. A little over a week after our wedding, my prince ended up in the hospital for several days. He’d been diagnosed with hairy cell leukemia the day before our wedding–we left the rehearsal dinner to go to the doctor’s appointment–and although the chemo was relatively mild (he was on a portable pump, outpatient for a week), when he started feeling sick & feverish, the doctor wanted him hospitalized (the chemo knocked out his immune system & they weren’t taking any chances–a common cold could’ve killed him in that condition). Of course, that would be over the 4th of July holiday weekend, so his regular doctor wasn’t around…it got complicated.

Anyway…there we were, two newlyweds in a hospital room for several days. We made the best of it! One thing we did was to make paper airplanes (I think we used hospital menus) & fly them around the room. That was over 12 years ago (and no sign of cancer since–yay!).

When I saw Simply Modern Mom’s Paper Airplane Date, I figured I had a winning combination :).

Here’s my invitation:

My prince laughed when he saw the invitation. He’d forgotten all about that part!

When date night arrived, we’d both had a long day. My prince wanted to show me a video he found of kitties playing “patty cake” (it was pretty funny 🙂 ), so we started with that. It took a while because Firefox keeps freezing on certain sites (Firefox & Vista don’t seem to work well together).

Then we browsed the instructions for the various planes here. I chose the “Cobra” (the folds were a little tricky, but the video helped a lot) & my prince made the “Lightning.”

Cobra in flight

The "Lightning"

We quickly discovered that while the Cobra flies very well as a “normal” paper airplane (my prince parted my hair with one flight–I teased that he was playing “William Tell” with me!), the Lightning is a trick plane. It really needs tall ceilings (which we don’t have) for best performance. It flew best when thrown straight up.

My prince then decided to try another model & since I thought the name “Edmonton Shadow” sounded neat, he folded that one.

The "Edmonton Shadow"

The Edmonton Shadow was easier to fly than the Lightning, but we still preferred the Cobra.

In the midst of all this, my prince was distracted by Firefox’s freezing. For a while, I sat on the couch (across the room from the computer) & we flew the Cobra back forth while he tried to figure out a way around the computer problem (if anybody else has a solution, we’d be very interested!).

The kitties were part of the action too. Moses seemed to be intrigued, but once a plane crashed in front of her, Mittens fled to the farthest, highest spot she could find. I figured that was fine as long as she was out of the way, but my prince thought she looked traumatized, so he put the planes away. Relieved, Mittens reappeared.

We ended the evening with a brief cuddle on the couch.

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