Personality Date

This was a rough week for a date.

We’d already rescheduled due to the Thanksgiving schedule. Then, on Wednesday my prince got word that his dearest friend from high school (still the person he felt closest to, second to me, although they haven’t had much contact) had died in a head-on collision with a semi. It hit him like a ton of bricks. It didn’t help that the relationship was left with a couple of unsolved mysteries.

As the time for our date approached, my prince really wasn’t up to being creative. I had an idea in reserve, so we went with that.

A month or so ago we’d each taken a personality survey we found online that’s supposed to help families understand their communication styles & adapt to each other. Going through the results together seemed like a fairly low-key project for the evening.

I did a little background research on the “DISC” “personality system & was intrigued to find that it’s based on the same criteria as the the classical Sanguine/Choleric/Phlegmatic/Melancholic system, just with new names.

Some of statements in our results simply didn’t apply. On a few we went back & forth trying to figure out what they meant. Others were things we already knew (we’ve gone through other personality surveys before). A couple were compliments we hoped were true!

Moses (kitty) got in on the date too…he was happy!

Basically, we spent time together talking about each other. That was good. And my prince even laughed in the process, which he hadn’t done since the accident. That was good too!

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