Fallen Arches & Memories Date

This week’s date night came in installments. My prince had a gift in mind for St. Nicholas’ day (Dec. 6th), but ran out of time for his clever presentation of it so he pulled it out for our date on Wednesday:

The reference was to my garden arch (you can just see it arching over the path between the two sides of the garden)

which has been losing cross-bars for a few years now. It was a $10 “Big Lots special”, set up when we moved here back in 2000. This fall, between a heavy crop of honeysuckle vine & a stiff wind, it finally blew over beyond repair. For the price, I figure it didn’t owe me anything!

This was my prince’s way of presenting me with a replacement, much to my relief. After all, an arch garden needs an arch!

Actually, I already knew he’d purchased one. The box arrived when I was home & my prince wasn’t, and the picture of the contents was prominent on the outside. That was ok with me. It spoiled his surprise, but at the same time, it did let me know that I didn’t have to go searching for a new arch. I did, however, make a point of not scrutinizing anything. I noticed what I couldn’t help, but no more.

Now that I “officially” knew about the arch :), we pulled the pieces out of the box & looked it over more closely. Actually putting it up will have to wait ’till spring (especially after this weekend’s blizzard!).

We still didn’t have a lot of time together, so today we took a bit more, going over our “memories” computer file from the past few years & pulling out happenings that would be suitable for a Christmas letter. It’s been about 4 years since I wrote one (to my embarrassment). Writing daily Advent posts and working on RCIA presentations has been squeezing out the time I used to spend on letters. I’m really hoping to get one put together this year (pray for me!). This was a start!

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