“‘Twas the Feast-Day of Christmas” Date

My prince had initially hoped to have this date on Christmas Eve, but put it off by a day–there was just too much to finish for Christmas.

Christmas evening, he started off by handing me a note…which led to another note…and the hunt was on! A bit dense, I only realized after the fact that they were cleverly based on the poem “Twas the Night Before Christmas”!

The “stylized apparel” was a Christmas stocking, the kitty sleeping spot was a hammock hung from the bathroom ceiling & the next clue was under a kitty food dish. The footwear depositing snow was the doormat, and the musical instrument my flute. The “top of a tree” was the kitty climbing tree (floor to ceiling!). The “expectorant beast” was a llama body puppet & the luminous box was the lightbox my brother made for me (my first thought was the computer). There I found a gift bag with several cookie cutters–especially stars, since I’d lamented not having any for the stargazing date :)–and a jar of puzzle preserver he thought could come in handy for waterproofing cards (when we discipline kitties with squirt bottles, inkjet-printed cards tend to get ruined by the spatters!).
I managed to use the smallest star to lightly indent the next batch of crackers I made :).

Once I found the bag, we cuddled a little, then got back to work.  *Whew*  We need a vacation from our vacation!

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