Snuggle Date

It’s Finals season around here. Those of you who’ve been there know what I mean. Since my prince is a teacher, this is a regular part of our yearly cycle. The past couple of years he’s taken over the project of putting together the Finals schedule, which in this case is a dizzying maze of figuring out how many students will fit where, and when (they want all math finals taken at once, all science, etc., to minimize cheating), with which teachers as proctors, taking into account that teachers who give essay tests need more time to grade & should be scheduled earlier. Throw in a few middle school students who are on a completely different schedule–it’s a recipe for mass confusion.

The reason my prince has gallantly taken over this project is that his principal is battling cancer & he’s trying to take the stress off of her.

This is all on top of giving a quiz a day in every class for a week or so to prepare his own students for their Finals (so they’ve seen all of the material on the Final exam under test conditions before it’s critical)…and writing the practise tests & Finals themselves (by the time all that’s over, grading the Finals themselves is small potatoes!).

I say all that as background for our paucity of dating. By the time my prince gets home, there’s not much left of him & since I’ve been giving the RCIA presentations, the dates have been up to him.

When my prince came home last night, he asked if I had any plans for the evening, and, learning that I didn’t, suggested that we make up for the date we’d missed. It was on the late side already, though, and by the time he did a few things he needed to do, it was nearly bedtime. So we just took 20 minutes or so & cuddled.

It was short, but sweet :).

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