Packing Date

This week my prince’s plans for our date again got switched. He was thinking of a video & reading to me Wednesday night. Although I like those ideas, I suggested that he start packing. I’m glad I did.

My prince is one of the chaperons for his students who are going on the March for Life in Washington D.C. this weekend. We’ve both been trying to figure out how to keep him fed for the trip–food allergies do complicate traveling. He’s taking a cooler (hoping it will fit on the bus and hoping there’ll be a way to replenish the ice for his 5-day absence) and cans of refried beans, carrots, corn & tuna in case the ice doesn’t hold out.

Then, when the group coordinator recommended a backpack for all the walking, my prince wasn’t sure where to get one on short notice (ours are long gone). He considered asking one of his former students if he could borrow hers–but, “What if it’s pink with bunnies?!” That, at least, was handled when I mentioned it to a homeschooling friend, who proceeded to bring us four to choose from–talk about “ask and you shall receive”! (Matthew 7:7) The camouflage backpack he chose wasn’t really his style, but at least it was more manly than pink bunnies ;)! Because of the extra space the cooler took up, he felt he had to use the backpack in lieu of a suitcase (and packed a few extra clothing items in the cooler!). I don’t think I could pack a backpack for 5 days away, but then men do pack lighter…

As he packed, I got things for him, pounced on him for the occasional “packing break” :), made suggestions & just generally kept him company. By the end of the evening, he had the non-perishables under control. Tonight we used the little time we had after Adoration & Mass to pack the cooler & get it out to the car (it’s plenty cold to keep things frozen out there!). That way, my prince got to take full advantage of his last crack at a full night’s sleep in our own bed. The bus will be driving all night on the way to D.C. & again on the way back & although he sleeps like a log at home, he’s historically had trouble sleeping on buses.

Although it wasn’t the most connective date we’ve had, we did enjoy each others’ company & it saved a significant amount of stress.

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