Slumber Party Date

My prince is home!

We had a very warm reunion :).

He returned, as I expected, just in time to grab a bite to eat & head out to RCIA Tuesday night. Given the circumstances, I came up with this invitation:

This was before I realized that he was booked every night! I guess you could say that this date was an ongoing event from Tuesday night through Sunday morning. I got pieces of his stories in the moments we had together (over supper, in the car on the way to & from RCIA, etc.), with a final wrap-up when we finally got to lounge in bed together before getting up on Sunday (he slept in Saturday morning–and I mean slept in!–then spent most of the day grading).

In telling his story, my prince said said he’s never seen SO many people in one place (estimates are around 400,000 participants), and he was very proud of the students he was chaperoning. One of the highlights for him was seeing how they were moved by the whole experience–they didn’t feel so alone(!), they experienced the Church as being universal, and they were impacted by what abortion does to women & children (visiting the Holocaust museum brought out sobering similaritites). A lot of bonding occurred within the group.

The Masses, Eucharistic Adoration, Confession & youth rallies were energizing.

Another powerful experience was praying in front of Planned Parenthood (my prince said the police were very kind to them). It’s one thing to work behind the scenes, quite another to confront the gates of death. I get the impression business was down that day…

My prince said the March for Life was affectionately called the “Stand for Life” that day because you just can’t get that many people moving all at once! When they inched forward by a foot, everyone cheered!

Yes, those specks in the center background are all people!


The March for Life and surrounding events made a profound impact on my prince, and he’s already looking forward to going again next year!

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