Cookie Baking Date

We have a generous neighbor. You know, the kind who brings over produce from his garden, tells us to help ourselves to the apples from his tree (he’s not using them), gives us the morels he found growing next to his shed (!), brought over extra gravel when he was redoing his driveway to fill in the holes in ours, periodically clears our driveway with his snow blower–a generous soul. My prince has been saying for a while that he’d like to make some sort of return–maybe to bake him a batch of cookies or something.

Well, earlier this week, my prince suggested that we brainstorm ideas for our date, so among other ideas, I brought up the idea of baking cookies together for our neighbor. That was the idea my prince chose (he asked if we still had the chef’s hats :)!). And since Friday was our first realistic opportunity for a date, we planned it for that day. The day before I had a sudden brainstorm, made the following note & tucked in his lunch for Friday:

On the back I noted that he was a sweet cookie too 🙂 & that I was looking forward to our cookie-baking date that evening.

Well, he had a meeting after school & was exhausted from the week. By the time we could’ve started baking cookies I was concerned that they might not be done by bedtime. So…try for Saturday. There was a question of timing there too, but we rearranged a few things to make it work.

One wrinkle is that my my cookie-baking skills are a bit rusty–my prince isn’t supposed to have sweets anymore & most cookie ingredients are on his allergen list. I have made a special recipe of chocolate chip cookies for gifts, though, and those have always been a hit, so we decided to try those. We did break out the hats & went back forth between who added the ingredients & who stirred.

Then I put the cookies on the sheet & baked them while my prince picked up reading where we left off in Mountains of Spices.
I know the book rather well & chimed in to fill in some of the more memorable phrases. It’s a good atmosphere to be in :).
While the last of the cookies were baking I started packaging the first of them & made up a decorative medallion for the bag.  The text is a portion of our after-meal prayer:

Vouchsafe, O Lord,
to reward with eternal life
all those who do us good
for Thy Name’s sake.  Amen.

We tried to deliver the cookies while they were still warm, but there was no answer. We’ll have to keep an eye out for signs of life over there.

When we returned home, my prince kept reading. I offered to take over for the last two chapters & once we’d finished the book I asked if any of it had sounded familiar, given what he’s been going through the past couple of months. He said “Oh yeah,” and was off & running (it doesn’t take much to get him talking, unlike me). We finally took a break for supper & then were off to church.

It was a date worth the wait :).

Addendum, Monday, February 7: We were finally able to deliver the cookies tonight. My prince did the talking & did a masterful job of communicating our gratitude man-style :). Mission accomplished!

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