Skip-A-Cross Date

Thus week’s date caught us both by surprise.  The week had taken some unexpected turns & left us a little off-balance.  I was still low-energy from a cold & trying to catch up.

My prince, thinking

We’d finished supper by the time I remembered that my prince had suggested Friday as our date night.  I asked him about it, which jogged his memory & he found himself trying to think fast (it was his week to plan it).  I was trying to think of something easy.  What about a board game?  I listed the few we have & my prince chose “Skip-A-Cross” (the cheap version of Scrabble).

The game in progress

My prince got the game out, set it up next to the couch where I’d settled & asked if we should keep score (neither of us are very competitive).  We were waffling, but then he decided we could keep a combined score, with the idea of getting souls out of Purgatory (more points, more souls–God’s generous :)).

Our collective score

It was nice to work together, making a point to leave letters free to build on, giving each other ideas on how to use difficult letter combinations, etc.

My prince came up with some rather impressive words (not to mention scores :)).

In the end, we had only two letters neither of us could use, and collectively broke 500.

It was generally a low-key, cooperative evening together.

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