Back Rub Date

This was another disorienting week.  It’s spring break, so we’d toyed with the idea of taking advantage of that to go somewhere during daylight hours for our date, but then the car started overheating.  Several trips to multiple mechanics over a period of three days left us with a car in the shop until next week (“sometime”) and a loaner car from my prince’s parents (takes some getting used to).  Somehow the idea of “going somewhere” lost its appeal.

It was Friday by the time things settled down enough for a date & by then I had a headache (hormones).  My prince suggested spending the evening giving me a back rub (which I always enjoy, but which is especially helpful with headaches).  I wasn’t about to argue :).  It never ceases to amaze me that he enjoys giving me a back rub as much as I enjoy getting one…but I sure am glad God designed it that way!

We did talk a little in the process.  I asked a few leading questions, which he answered.  At one point he playfully put his knee next to mine & said “I kneed you” (qualifying that he doesn’t really need need me, but it fit the pun).  That set off a series of related puns, which was rather fun :).

All in all, it was another low-key, cozy evening together :).

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