Silliness Date

We worked for this one!

The premise was simple enough. When we were dating I quipped that we had a new definition of an “amusement park”–namely, the two of us together in a vehicle that wasn’t moving! Wanting to recapture some of that light-heartedness, I prepared this invitation:

I didn’t have a lot of time to be creative with the meal, but I dug out little top-hats to perch on meatballs & chose pickles for their amusement possibilities.

I put on a silly little hat & stuck a feather (kitty toy) in it. My prince obliged by dressing the part.

It was sunny & relatively warm outside, so we took advantage of that for a brief walk (it wasn’t that warm!). Earlier I’d asked my prince what he found most connective & he’d said “talking, preferably on a walk”. He did request a change of clothing before we left the house, though!

The rest of the evening was spent trying to be silly. I attempted some silly voices & references that had once sent us into peals of laughter. They didn’t get very far. I tried pulling my mouth into a silly face & cracked open my chapped lips. Hmm…better try something else…

Moses helped (getting licked does lend itself to a silly face!).

My prince finally lapsed into a running trail of puns.

Ultimately we did enjoy our evening together, but it did highlight the need to work at being more lighthearted!

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