Pillow-Toss Talk Date

Over supper, my prince told me he had an idea for our date.
He was just working out the specifics–the “wrapping paper for the gift” as it were.

After supper, he settled us both on the couch
(at which we were each “planted” with a kitty, of course),
and held up a pillow.

He explained that he would give me a compliment
or say something he appreciated or admired about me,
and then toss the pillow to me. 
I could then either give him a compliment,
expression of appreciation or admiration or ask him a question
and toss the pillow back to him.

Note the kitty on my lap!

The one drawback was that he’d chosen Moses’ “kneading pillow”.
While my prince was thinking/talking, the kitty reclaimed his pillow!

We deemed it best to let happy kitties be (helps keep them out of trouble!)
and substituted the little pillow my mom made for our wedding.

One tactical benefit that came out of it
was that when I said I appreciated his picking fruit for me during the summer
(blueberries, cherries, currants, gooseberries & rose hips
that are part of our “edible landscaping”),
he said he was happy to pick everything except the raspberries–
he didn’t feel he could find the fruit among the brambles well enough.
That was good to know!
I’d much rather pick raspberries than currants
(they’re so tiny & there are so many!).

My only regret was that the affirmations we shared weren’t written down.
Information I only receive verbally doesn’t stick with me very well
& I’d like to be able to go back to them…

On one of my turns I asked my prince what had inspired this date.
He said it was a conversation we’d had a few days prior
in which I described thinking through a difficult situation in which I’d felt condemned,
but got the idea in prayer that the angels & saints
(the great cloud of witnesses of Hebrews 12:1) were proud of me.
I’d done what needed to be done,
despite the negative reaction I got for doing it.
My prince had responded that he was proud of me,
and I’d told him I needed help with that, with feeling affirmed.
This was his response.
It was really sweet :).

The evening went too quickly…but that was a good thing in its own way ;)!

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