April Fool’s Date

This week’s date landed squarely on April Fool’s Day.
I toyed with various ideas, but since neither of us are pranksters,
and the “silliness date” took so much out of us,
I decided on something we’re both good at: research.

My thought was to settle in together with Bibles & a concordance,
and have one of us record our finds on the laptop–
it seemed more efficient than typing things in afterward.
It seemed like a good idea at the time…

The trouble is that my prince has gotten used to looking Scripture passages up on the computer, rather than the concordance, so he got right down to business in “his chair” doing searches on his laptop while I went through the concordance and typed passages onto the file on the main computer. We were mostly back to back comparing notes while buried in our respective devices the entire night. Not a connective date! It was interesting, but just as a word to the wise–if I had to do it again, I’d specify no more than one computer & we have to be side by side so we can both see it!

At any rate, here’s what we found (there are many more, but this was all we had time for):

How Not to be a Fool

Wow, do a lot of those sound uncomfortably familiar!

A wise man is self-controlled;
a fool is not–his passions rule him.
A wise man is guided in a stable way by what’s right and true;
a fool is pulled every which way by his passions.

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