Shopping ABC’s Date

It was my prince’s turn to plan our date this week.
When we talked over our schedule ahead of time,
we found that every evening was booked…unless…
my prince had a teacher inservice in a city we don’t usually get to
& we were planning to take advantage of it by shopping there afterward.
Could we turn a shopping trip into a date?

My prince thought for a moment, then said,
“Let’s do that. I have an idea…”

When the appointed day arrived and we got to the first store, my prince laid out his plan. We would start with the beginning of the alphabet
and each find something that reminded them of the other, and say why.
He actually didn’t expect to get through all that many letters,
and in the stores, I got quite a bit ahead of him,
but once we were driving back home (an hour & a half),
he very creatively made up for lost time!

Here’s our list:

Reminded Prince of Princess
artwork (a kitty figurine)
cooking (I’d packed supper & we ate in the car)
& calendula (picture in the seed catalog I had along–the stuff has taken over my vegetable gardens!)
duck figurine (he said I was “ducky”!)
eggs (he said I was “eggciting”)
flowers & fabric
green (he saw fabric in my favorite color)
hair (mine!)
iridescent (the opal in my ring)
Jesus (I was wearing a crucifix)
Liturgy of the Hours (I had it along to pray Morning Prayer)
Mow mow (rhymes with “ow”–our mutual pre-kitty lament)
netting (the technique I used to make my veil)
olives (I’m fond of them!)
pickles (I made them & packed them for supper)
quinoa (standard meatless protein I serve him on Fridays)
wavy brown hair (mine)
xylitol (I haven’t tried it yet, but my mom gave me a sample)
yarn (I’d crocheted the vest I was wearing)
zinc (I’ve started taking zinc supplements)

Reminded Princess of Prince:
awfully cute (a kitty figurine)
book (yeah, I copied that one, but we’re both big readers!)
car (he’s the driver!)
donation (sign outside of Goodwill–my Prince is very generous!)
Easter (card–we both love to celebrate the resurrection!)
fawn (figurine–he’s a “dear” ;))
groceries (he “brings home the bacon,” among other things!)
hat (we’ve been looking for one for him for a while)
imaginary (this was in a song playing in a store–my prince uses his imagination a lot)
JoAnn’s (I get a kick out of the fact that I’m the crafter, but he’s the one with a JoAnn’s teacher discount card!)
key (car–he has the key to my heart)
light (he lights up my life)
nightfall (he loves to sleep!)
only one for me (there was a 1 on a road sign)
paper (he goes through a lot of it at school!)
& Pray Ave. (he prays daily)
quiet (it was quiet & he usually is)
right (on a road sign–he’s usually right :))
sign (he’s a sign pointing to Heaven)
tree (he’s my “apple tree”–see Song of Songs 3:2)
up (he gets up early for school)
xanthan gum (critical ingredient in the wheat-free bread I make for him)
yellow (a color he uses in his chicken cartoons)
zero (he uses them in teaching math)

That date worked rather well. It was fun, creative, complimentary and interactive 🙂
and an efficient use of time in a busy week!

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