Love Map 20 Questions Date

I was at a loss for ideas this week…and at a loss for time to come up with something. Fortunately I’d bookmarked a couple of sites for just such an “emergency.”
The “Love Map 20 Questions Game” was one of them.

The twist to this list of questions
(which I suppose one could do with any conversation-starter questions)
is that each spouse has to figure out what the other would answer.
It adds a whole new dimension to the game, and quite frankly,
I wasn’t too sure how it’d go.
For some of the questions I wasn’t any too sure how I’d answer for myself!
..but I didn’t have any better ideas…so…

We’d planned to have our date on Wednesday,
but unforeseeable circumstances ate up our time that night.
We finally carved a couple of hours out of our Saturday projects and gave it a go.

The first step is to pick 20 numbers between 1 & 60.
Does each person pick their own set
or do we pick together & both answer the same questions?
We couldn’t tell & ultimately decided that it doesn’t matter,
so we took turns picking numbers & both answered the same questions.
The only drawback to that was that once one of us had answered
“What is the date of our anniversary?”
there wasn’t much point in the other answering too
(but we both remember that date so it wasn’t an issue :)!).

Mostly the experience was an affirmation that we do know each other pretty well.
There were only a couple of questions that one or the other of us couldn’t answer
(we ended up with a tied score of 62.5 at the end).

As long as we were bringing up the topics, though,
we did talk a bit about expanded answers, which was informative.
I didn’t know that Christmas was his favorite holiday
(because people are nicer then & at least have the possibility of thinking about God)
or that he particularly likes the oboe.
He didn’t remember that hepatica is my favorite flower
(I showed him a picture from my wildflower book).

My prince liked thinking through past events and getting insights
(although he found a few of the questions aggravating in the way they were asked).

It was a good way to get us talking about each other
and thinking about each other.

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