Book-Weeding Date

I was again at a loss for ideas for this week’s date, but ever since we started our planned dates, I’d been toying with the idea of trying to accomplish something together. It’s never been one of our strong points–our thought processes work so differently that it’s hard to coordinate. Usually we each take independent pieces of a project, each bring our own piece to completion and put them together at the end.

At any rate, I asked my prince what projects he’d like to see done and he listed two:
1) devising something to make it easier for our aging kitties to get up to their perches (Moses in particular has an arthritic shoulder)
2) weeding/sorting/organizing our bookshelves

I know the kitties are a high (and sentimental) priority for him, so I did some thinking about what construction we could do and bounced my ideas off of my prince. I’d hoped to buy the supplies and make it happen, but that didn’t fly. When it came right down to it, my prince asked if we could do something else. So we tackled the bookshelves.

We’re both bibliophiles, and the St. Vincent de Paul in the city where my prince teaches has the best selection of trustworthy Catholic books I’ve ever seen at a second-hand store. At those prices, our collection just keeps growing! Books get stacked in front of books and piled all over the living room…our library was due for culling.

It wasn’t our most exciting or connective date, but having us both working on it at the same time meant that we could compare notes–I might have no interest in a particular book, but my prince might have his own reasons for hanging onto it (I’ve known cases where well-meaning people got rid of things in the process of cleaning that later caused significant hardship for others). And we did open access to whole shelves and set aside a sizable number of books to give away.

These go to the church/RCIA library

These are for St. Vincent de Paul

As you can see in the background, there are plenty more where those came from (not counting the bookshelves that aren’t in the photo!).

This date really wasn’t up to my standards for creativity or fun and I hope to do better in the future, but I’d rather have a date that’s a bit of a dud than skip it altogether.

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