Books & Bonkers Date

This week was our Easter party for RCIA, so there wasn’t any presentation prep for either of us. My prince suggested that we plan this date together. We came up with a picnic in the living room (it’s still cold outside!) followed by our special Bonkers game.

I decided to do a little decorating. I like being enclosed, so the first thing I wanted was a “tent”. We have a couple of hooks conveniently located for stringing something across the living room, so I went looking for strong string/cord/twine (finally found a long enough piece in the garage) and took a PVC pipe from the “canopy“. I wrestled for quite some time trying to thread the twine through the PVC–I finally ended up using a rubber band to fasten the end of the twine to a knitting needle, which had enough weight to carry the twine through the pipe (whew!). I then strung the reinforced twine between the hooks, safety-pinned a couple of sheets together & pulled my dancing veil into service to close off the back. Voila, an indoor tent! For a finishing touch, I strung heart-shaped lights with red & white Christmas garland along the “tent pole.”
Couch cushions served as seats and I brought in a candle, flowers from the yard and pulled out dishes and decorations from our “romance box.”

Oh yes, and our cd of frogs added aural ambiance (we have heard frogs outside a time or two this year, but mostly it’s been too cold for them to sing!).

The meal was “picnic fare”: brats-seasoned meatballs, pickles & potato salad with rice milk for my prince. I substituted corn skillet bread with cheese for the potato salad for myself (I’m currently restricting copper in my diet to help my itchy skin heal & potatoes are off-limits).

Just to add a touch of realism to our idealism for the night, Mittens “tossed her kibbles” all over the living room carpet during our picnic & we had to scrub that mess (just in case anybody’s wondering if that sort of thing only happens to their dates!).

In the meantime, there’d been some “bumps in the road” in our “castle,” and my prince had remarked that it would be good to take another look at just what it means to be husband and wife. I remembered having seen a couple of classic Catholic books on the topic on our pro-life cd from Human Life International (they’ve since changed the contents of the cd & these books aren’t on the new one–fortunately they are available online: The Wife Desired, The Man for Her–my one caveat is that the author recommends using humor as a means of conveying criticism & I’ve seen that abused, so we just don’t go there). I looked them up, did a little skimming & over our picnic I asked my prince if he’d be interested in going through them together at some point. He took a look at the one for husbands & had to tear himself away from the computer to get back to the meal. He suggested starting to read for next week’s date, but given his interest, I asked if he’d like to start right away–read first & then finish off with a game of Bonkers. That was agreeable, so we settled in next to each other 🙂 in our tent & took turns reading aloud from the laptop. There wasn’t a lot of discussion, but I expected that. My prince usually needs time to absorb what he’s read before talking about it. After three chapters, we rounded out the evening with a rousing game of Bonkers, which my prince handily won, point-wise. We both won in cuddles & compliments :).

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