A Walk and a Read in a Cozy Nook

Since my prince wanted to keep reading the book we started last week I decided to try making the setting romantic for this week’s date.

I already had a bead curtain & a flower garland hung across a nook in the living room. I arranged couch cushions on the floor & covered them with a fuzzy blanket for a cozy spot to curl up,

brought in lights (decorative & functional) & hung my dancing veil on the outside of the beads for a greater sense of seclusion (I love feeling enclosed!).

The one disadvantage of a space that small is that it’s hard to get out, especially from low cushions!

I had too many other things going on to be very creative with the meal, but I did pull off brat-seasoned meatballs (my prince’s request) & pureed carrot (one of his “comfort foods”).

After supper we took advantage of the warming weather to go for a walk. We started in the yard & my prince noticed that some of the branches of (what we hope is) the pear tree were rubbing against each other, so he got out the limb loppers to trim them. That might not seem like much, but my prince isn’t a plant person–he leaves the gardens & trees to me. I was tickled that he noticed and that he wanted to do something about it :)! He then tackled a little apple tree (that’s never borne apples) that was getting into overhead lines.

When we finally reached the streets of the village, we talked about his impressions of what we read last week. He was looking for clarity on what the author was actually recommending–the humorous approach was blurring the distinctions between “do this” and “you’d be daft to do that”.

When we got home he found a way to make popcorn I could have again (long story) & we settled into our little nest to read. We’d initially planned to follow the reading with a game, but there wasn’t a lot of time left & my prince was interested in the next chapter, so we were a bit late to bed as it was. There are worse problems to have ;).

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