Weekly Marriage Check-In

Things are not always “smooth sailing” at our “castle.” After an episode where things got out of hand a couple of weeks ago, we both agreed that we’d like a way to catch problem areas before they become serious. We’d heard of various means of doing that, but had reservations about some of them. We’re adapting one we found here:

Topics for Weekly Sharing:
Devotional time of the week (something that came out of my personal
Joys of the week
Struggles of the week
An affirmation (of your spouse!)
A wish or a hope
Prayer (what would you like me to pray for when I pray for you?)
Book of the week (has anything noteworthy come up in what you’ve been reading this week?)

On Sunday night we sit down together with the topics & take turns talking about them. It’s been two weeks now & so far, so good. It’s helping us keep tabs on what’s currently important to the other & flushing out things we otherwise didn’t think (or perhaps dare!) to mention.

How do you “catch the little foxes” (Song of Songs 2:15) in your marriage before they cause damage?

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2 Responses to Weekly Marriage Check-In

  1. Angie says:

    This is a great idea! One of many found here worth stealing!

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