T’read Date

Ok, so it’s more of a bush than a tree, but it was too good of a wordplay to pass up :)!

The background to this date is that my mom LOVES blueberries, but since she doesn’t have the acid soil needed to grow them, she wants to try Juneberries (aka Saskatoons). Since this was at the top of her Mother’s Day wish list, I went looking & finally found a variety that seemed ideal for her (size, flavor, vigor, etc.) at a price we could conceivably consider…and asked my prince if we might consider getting one for ourselves too (it would sure cut the shipping cost per plant!). He agreed. We have blueberry bushes (we have acid soil!), but if these are as tasty as the claims I saw, they should be a good addition to our edible landscaping.

The plants arrived yesterday. I potted my mom’s to take to her & helped my prince plant ours.

(Yes, this photo is well after the fact! We didn’t think of the camera at the time)

Here’s hoping we’ll be enjoying the fruits of our labors for years to come!

There wasn’t a lot of time left for more date-stuff, but we did get in a couple more chapters of The Man For Her (over our standard bowls of popcorn!) and talked quite a bit about humor & light-heartedness. It was time well-spent together.

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