Fishyball Date

My prince was home early yesterday! He said he’d have to “pay” for that today because he has so much to do at school (the end of the year gets really crazy), but he wanted us to have plenty of time together. Aww!

We took advantage of the sunshine to take a walk together (my prince has said that going for walks together is one of the most connective things we do) & I used our marriage check-in questions (as many as I remembered!) as fodder for conversation…until it started sprinkling! Then we moved our conversation indoors over a rousing game of fishyball.

That’s something of an inside joke ;). I found this ball (a plastic fish suspended in glitter-filled fluid) at a mall some years before we were married & was so fascinated by it that I bought one (highly unusual for me), and learned early in our marriage that it was a fruitful conversation piece. We sit on the floor on opposite ends of the room & roll it back & forth to each other while talking. It gives our hands something to do… The “game” took on a whole new flavor when we got kitties–they wanted to play too! (notice Moses in the foreground) Now that they’re getting up in kitty-years, they mostly play “roadblock” ;).

My prince was due for a good verbal release. A lot has been stirring inside recently & he processes ideas best by talking about them. He waxed very philosophical. I won’t say we solved the world’s problems, but we did open windows into what’s going on in our own worlds. It was a good, connective date.

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