13-Year Anniversary Date

That’s 156 in monthly anniversaries 🙂 ! (yes, I know, “anno” refers to years, but I’m not sure what prefix works for months & I don’t think too many people would know what I meant if I did!) We started celebrating monthly partially out of newlywed enthusiasm and partially because of a “50th Anniversary” goblet I found free (somewhere).
1) I didn’t want to wait 50 years to use it (!)
2) since we married later in life (I turned 30 on our honeymoon), I wasn’t sure we’d both live to see 50 years together
3) it gave us an excuse to give each other little “somethings” ($5 or less) that aren’t otherwise in the budget (we both enjoy giving gifts)
Sometimes all we do is wish each other a happy anniversary on the 20th of the month, but it’s still fun to have a little celebration of “us” every month :). I recommend it (although some of you might need to get out a calculator to figure out how just many months it’s been!).

Anyway, this was the biggie–the actual yearly anniversary.

We started out at daily Mass, which we attend every day when my prince isn’t teaching (he gets to go during the school year too, but I don’t have transportation). After Mass we ducked into the sacristy for an anniversary blessing from Father. Ever since I got a look at just how many blessings there are in the official Book of Blessingsfor how many things/people/events (research for RCIA prep, of course!) I’ve been trying to walk the fine line between asking for all the blessings I can (I need all the help I can get!) & not making a pest of myself!

My prince made a card for me:

He’d fallen in love with a poofy recliner at St. Vincent de Paul (as a replacement for his current rummage-sale-special easy chair) shortly before, but the clerk said he couldn’t tell if it’d been sold, so we couldn’t have it (& I’m not sure how we’d have gotten it home–it was too big to fit in the car).

My card for him was another foray into the creation of pop-up cards:

The left side reads

The family that prays together stays together
-Fr. Patrick Peyton

…and the right

…one prayer at a time!
(and I still wanna pounce :)!)
Happy 13-Year Anniversary, Sweetheart!
All over again

He’d been tapping his fingers on the tree when the cover photo was taken, so I pounced on them (the risk one takes by going twitchy around a playful kitty!).

I’d already given him his anniversary gift a month or so earlier (he’d fallen in love with a poofy bed pillow–hmm, a trend?–& has been sleeping on it ever since), but he still had a gift for me: a multishaper rosebud punch.

I love these! He’d already given me the “Baby’s Breath” version (still my favorite punch of all!), which I used on the corners of the card I made for him. Both make lovely paper lace, frames, doilies, etc. (of course, I had to try it out!).

He picked mock orange branches for me from our bush (love that fragrance!) and was going to make a mini cheesecake, but I found myself in the part of my cycle in which sweets give me cramps, so he put that off for a few days (to my birthday :)). He’d grilled out a couple days previously, so we had yummy grilled chicken & sausage-seasoned burgers to choose from :). I made the maple nut version of r’ice cream (I added toasted pecan pieces, xanthan gum, soy oil & maple syrup to the rice milk), which is his current favorite. We realized we’d forgotten our marriage check-in the day before (oops!) so we did that over lunch.

There were a few things each of us wanted to work on during the day, so we waited ’till after supper for the rest. First we changed into wedding-type clothes (I can’t wear my wedding dress–polyester makes me itch–& my prince’s tux was rented, so we make do with the outfits we put together for the RCIA presentation on Matrimony!) and polished off last chapter of The Man For Her. Then we pulled out our special version of Bonkers & played a game.

I wasn’t satisfied with this picture, so we posed for another (which, ironically, the computer ate). My prince was only too happy to keep posing this way! (he made it the running gag of the evening–he found some way to turn every action into kissing). You can see the flowers he picked in the foreground :)…and our usual bowl of popcorn.

We followed the game with our anniversary routine:
lighting our unity candle together,

exchanging rings again & renewing our vows

That was about as much as we could pack into one special day!

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3 Responses to 13-Year Anniversary Date

  1. Angie says:

    Happy Anniversary! Here’s to many more years (50 +)!

    • Thank you :). I wouldn’t mind being able to use that goblet again ;).

      Given the way my grandmother’s going, I just might live 50 more years–she turned 98 on the Annunciation! Not such extreme longevity on my prince’s side, though–at least, not yet!

  2. Mary Drietz says:

    Thanks for sharing!

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