Crochet Date

Hang onto your hats folks-this was my prince’s idea!

He actually suggested that I teach him to crochet!

Mind you, this wasn’t his first choice for the date. We’d hoped to go walking in the arboretum that’s not too far from us (with a side trip to the humane society to visit the kitties)…but when we saw predictions of heat indices over 100F, we reconsidered!

My prince has been looking for things we might be able to do together. He’s not sure why he picked crochet, but it is my favorite form of needlework, and one at which I’m adept. And I do better in conversation when my hands are busy with something mindless, which crochet can be (especially the more repetitive patterns)–once you’re practised at it.

So…that was the plan.

Our schedule for the week pointed to a date on Friday–the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart. In honor of the occasion I served strawberries a friend had brought us (yay!), since they’re sort of heart shaped…

We tried making a sort of ice cream out of coconut milk that he found cheap at a “bent & dent” store. So far he seems to be doing ok with it, allergy-wise. It really didn’t work well in the ice cream maker, though. We got a frozen shell around the outside & pourable slush in the middle. We finally just put it in the freezer & he eats it when it’s half frozen. He said it tastes good (coconut is out for me-*sniff*-because it’s high in copper).

I was still finishing supper when my prince asked what he could do to get started on crochet. I suggested picking out a light-colored yarn (easier to see the stitches), so he came back with white. My hands were still occupied, so I asked if he knew how to make a slip knot. Bonus! He did :). “Now make the loop big enough to reach two fingers through it, grab the yarn going to the ball & pull it through. Then tug to make the first loop smaller.” Voila. Finger crochet. He made quite a nice sample of that at the kitchen table while I finished eating.

Then we moved to the living room couch & started in with the hook. The hardest part there is getting your hands familiar with how to hold the yarn. I gave him a few possibilities & then we worked on actual stitches. After a few attempts at explaining things verbally, I just got my own hook & yarn & demonstrated.

He made a lot of progress!

He crocheted a chain,

Note the kitty on his lap!

then slip stitch, single crochet

& even double crochet!

Once you’ve got those down, the rest is just variations on a theme.

He was frustrated that the loops weren’t perfectly even. I was highly impressed by how even they were for his first time ever trying crochet! From here it’s just a matter of practise.

I should’ve made him stop & relax partway through, though. It was awfully intense for him, which is to be expected–I tried crocheting left-handed just so I’d have the feeling of my hands not knowing what they were doing–good for empathy!

I was pleased that he wanted to share this part of my “world” (especially since it’s traditionally not a “guy thing”), and was impressed at how good he was at it right away :)!

Yay, Sweetie :)!

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