Using Your Marbles Date

I’ve lost my marbles–literally. But in this case it seems to have been for the best ;).

When we visited my mom last weekend I spotted the old marble-go-down–one of my favorite toys growing up. Hmm…date fodder! I asked Mom if I could have it & she glued the loose pieces before sending it with us. When we got home I went looking for the little bag of marbles I remember having…and couldn’t find them! I finally settled on a bag of wooden beads we’d found at a rummage sale (I used most of them to make a wall rosary for my prince’s classroom).

Here’s the invitation:

For supper I looked for marble shapes. Meatballs work :).

And my prince pointed out that the coconut from which his beverage came was marble-shaped :).

So are blueberries (picked from our bush!)

Just for the fun of it, I tried rolling a blueberry down the marble-go-down.

It sort of worked, with a little help.

While we played, we used “soil samples” from the Romantic Vineyard to facilitate our “marbellous” conversation. We had to adapt some of them (we’re biologically childless, for one), but they served their purpose–not requiring too much thought, but getting us talking about things that matter, exchanging compliments (& talking about what sorts of compliments help most), & generally learning how to encourage each other.

For the “real thing” we went on to the wooden balls…and Mittens became interested.

I wanted to keep the balls constantly coming down, but it quickly became evident that the clatter they made was bothering my prince. He wanted them to stop so there wouldn’t be so much noise (I’m sure my real marbles would’ve only been noisier!). Hm…the blueberry was silent. So we went back to the blueberries. Then the kitties were really interested!

I couldn’t help but remember Moses’ first experience with a blueberry several years ago. He’d wanted to play, so we’d sacrificed one (and only one!) blueberry just to see what he’d do with it. He approached it gingerly at first, as kitties do. He batted it it around for a while. Then he made one great four-footed pounce and squashed it splat! That was the end of his blueberry play! This time we made sure he couldn’t do that again!

From then on, a lot of our entertainment was watching the kitties!

They’re such fun :).

Now the question is what we can use when blueberries go out of season! We need a silent, round, marble-sized item that’s heavy enough to roll down our toy. Superballs are too big (at least the ones I’ve seen) & pompoms are too light. Any suggestions?

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2 Responses to Using Your Marbles Date

  1. Debi Walter says:

    What a fun, creative date night. We’re so glad you found the questions in our Soil Samples Room to be helpful. Thanks for sharing your special evening with us!

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