Yearly Questions Date

While we were looking through possibilities for conversation starters last week, we ran across these links:
Ten Questions Every Woman Should Ask Her Husband Every Year
Ten Questions Every Husband Should Ask His wife Annually

How’s that for an attention-grabber?!

Knowing how long it usually takes us to go through questions, my prince suggested we take the first five for this week’s date. And knowing I’m not good at answering this sort of thing on the fly, I decided to take some time to think them through well ahead of time. Boy am I glad I did! My prince took a cue from me & did the same–he was glad he did too. These are tough questions!

My next focus was on setting the atmosphere.

I’ve been wanting to make this yellow rose for my prince ever since I found the pattern & this was all the excuse I needed.

We settled on eating in the bedroom, so I went scrounging for ways to make it appealing. I just had room for a tiny table & a couple of chairs in a corner of the room. I found a dismantled bedside table to set up, covered it with fabric from my stash & dug into our romance box (we’ve added a few things over time). My prince had just surprised me with a sweet white miniature rose plant, so of course that had to be the centerpiece (with the yellow rose on the side). There wasn’t much room for a candle, but a little tea light just fit. I folded our napkins into hearts, but there really wasn’t room to see them!

An auxiliary tray cart held the food that wouldn’t fit on the table!

I called it the “Restaurante du Chat” (Restaurant of the Cat), and after we dressed for dinner, we savored an elegant repast of chicken from my prince’s recent session at the grill. Tres bon :)!

For our after-dinner treat we served the popcorn in heart-shaped bowls (which we found on sale at Target around Valentine’s Day), alongside strawberries that we picked recently at a local farm and a maple nut version of my prince’s coconut milk “ice cream.”

He settled himself where I could cuddle up in front of him & we dug into the questions…but first I pulled out a packet of little capsules.

I’d run across the idea here, and recently found the resources at a dollar store.
The idea is to get a small, foam animal shape that you can take turns hiding for each other. I’d peeked, actually, pulling open several capsules & then restuffing them. I wanted a kitty or a chicken, but this batch seems to be long on cows & pigs. Bummer.

Anyway, I let my prince select a capsule & we let it unfurl in its own good time in a goblet of water–then pulled the rest open to see what our options were! (while talking, of course–I do better if my hands are busy with something mindless) The one that unfurled in the water seems to have been an antelope. We stuffed that one into a different capsule & chose the only green duck. It really does compress down into almost nothing, making it easy to tuck into small spaces.

I hid it in his wallet. He tucked it in my jewelry box. Time will tell where it shows up next!

The questions…

Well, we each got through two of them! I thought the first went the best. My prince listened & mirrored back to me (accurately) what he understood me to be saying. Then we went off on a semi-related topic that’s been heavy on his mind lately.

The following day we picked up where we left off as we sat in the basement with the kitties listening to tornado sirens. Nice to have something constructive to do on such occasions ;). (and thank God, there was no storm damage other than some water in the basement). We still haven’t gotten through all of the questions–yet another date that’s a work in progress…but it certainly was a special occasion :)!

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