Kitty Date

My prince has been wanting to visit the humane society for a while now (we’ve been there several times & he always enjoys going back). It’s one of the few “no-kill” shelters, one he grew up with, and one we support regularly with a portion of our tithe–and, not least, where we found our two kitties :).

He’d toyed with combining the trip with a visit to a nearby arboretum, but between soaring temperatures and a massive mosquito population, it’s looking like the arboretum may have to wait until after frost! Since school inservices are nearly upon us, marking the end of summer break & limiting our options for day trips (the humane society’s only open a few hours a week, during the day), he proposed a date to visit the kitties this week.

In honor of the event, I brought out our centerpiece (due to their hours, we left right after lunch).

Their Sign


Pictures & letters about adopted pets at the entrance

We started out in the room with cages–kitties who need isolation due to personality or contagion. One little lady in particular caught my eye, a beautiful mostly-white cat rubbing against the bars of her cage and trilling. After talking with her a bit I bent down to meet the kitty in the cage below her–and she stuck a paw through the bars & hooked my veil! Oops! Fortunately the fellow who runs the shelter (who gives us the “red carpet” treatment every time we visit!) heard my call for help & quickly diverted kitty’s attention with a pen so she let me go!

Most of our time was spent in “Kitty City,” where cats can mingle freely in preparation for getting along with other cats in a home environment.

I no sooner crouched near the floor when this beautiful bundle of fur crawled into my lap.
He stuck around for quite a while.

In the meantime, my prince formed a fan club of his own.

When I sat down again, Oreo (black & white) made himself at home…and this little ginger doll was all cuddles & play!

I tell ya…if we didn’t already have two kitties I’d have been sorely tempted to bring him home with us! (my prince enjoyed him too..)

We certainly picked a good day for affectionate kitties (you never know–sometimes the population is mostly scaredycats).

G.C (Great Cat) thought my prince’s shoes tasted good.

And, of course, there was some general kitty cuteness…

When we got home my prince posted a bunch of kitty pictures on Facebook to see if he could encourage anybody to adopt one (or more). Apparently kitties are a hot topic–he got a lot of responses! A former student offered to pay the adoption fee if someone got a second kitty & someone else was seriously considering adopting one of the kitties he posted.

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