Smorgasbord Date

My prince is brilliant with puppets.  He doesn’t need a puppet–he can animate pretty much any stuffed animal into amusement value :).  That being the case, I’ve had a puppet date in mind pretty much since we started Project 52: Date Nights last year.

There’s just one catch: polyester makes me itch & there’s no way of knowing what most stuffed animals/puppets are made of unless you make your own. And I hate sewing. When I do sew (for myself, anyway), clothing takes priority over toys. Still, I have kept my eye open for ideas and resources. What I really wanted was a body puppet kitty a lot like Periwinkle, whom I’ve had since well before we got married.

Mischievous little rascal, she is!

My mom found me some eyes. I got a piece of nice (safe!) white fur with a 40% off coupon. I looked for patterns, but none quite fit the bill.

And there it sat…until…

…until last week my prince asked over lunch, in a hypothetical sort of way, if I had any advice on how to bring up a question (*ahem*, should there happen to hypothetically be one, of course) that might be a little touchy.

I thought about it.


The look on his face made me laugh so hard I nearly choked on my lunch!

He disappeared for a moment (at least partly to let me swallow 😉 !) and reappeared with Aqualeo, the sea lion body puppet (aqua=water, leo=lion).

Aqualeo delivered the question with much harumphing and questioning looks, all most amusing :).

“Now I need a puppet!”
(and I wasn’t too sure about my answer to the question, although I’d known it was coming & had been thinking about it).

It was time. We were out shopping shortly after that & I found a pattern at St. Vincent de Paul that I could at least use for ideas (and hints on sewing stuffed animals from fur, neither of which I’d done before). I got Periwinkle out & started drafting a pattern. The bottom wasn’t bad –just lay her down & trace around her. Her head was quite another matter. It wasn’t long into the project that I decided I’d better sew a model from expendable fabric before I cut into the fur! It took some fudging to get all the seams to come together, but I got a working model.

She’s homely enough to be cute!–and close enough…

I tweaked a couple things, took a deep breath & dug out the fur. The next day I had a kitty body puppet!

…just in time for our date :).

It was too short notice to do anything especially creative for food, but I did make some broiled zucchini for a treat.

My prince retrieved Sydney the llama this time (also a body puppet) & he, Periwinkle & the new kitty had a fine time together. Periwinkle can talk people-talk, so she acted as Sydney’s translator (he can “Meh!” and spit, but that’s about the limit of his vocabulary).



Preparing to spit

Checking with the prince

Demonstrating that it *is* possible to climb trees without claws!

And since we’d gotten some artificial grapes at St. Vincent de Paul too, my prince wanted to see how those work on the marble-go-down (grape-go-down?! ;)).

…so did Moses!

They’re not quite as fast as the wooden balls, but they do roll down & are a lot quieter!  My prince very much appreciated that!

Oh yes, and my new kitty did manage to answer the question Aqualeo had proposed–and my prince didn’t have any new ones of that type…

A bit into the puppet conversation my prince said his brain was starting to hurt (having to make up answers for Sydney & Periwinkle) & asked if we could use some pre-written conversation questions…so I dug out the Romantic Vineyard’s Soil Samples again. One of my answers referenced the fact that I love my new swing, so my prince suggested I get into it & he swing me while we talked.

A creative indoor use for a parachute hammock

Yes, I know, pretty unusual!–but it’s a major stress reliever for me, which makes my prince very happy :).  It doesn’t work for him–he gets dizzy too easily.

I tried putting grapes in the marble-go-down from the swing, but that didn’t work so well, since I really can’t control the swing or the spin very much when I’m in it!  Mostly, my prince just kept me swinging while we talked.

We were all over the place for this date, which is why I called it a “smorgasbord”…but it was fun :).

My new kitty puppet still needs a name, though.

Any suggestions?

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