Romantic Skip-A-Cross Date

The first week of school inservices threw us a few curveballs in addition so there wasn’t a whole lot of planning for this date. We got to Friday & hadn’t gotten a date in yet, so we punted! (I did, however, get in another sidewalk love note–now that the rain’s stopped for a few days & isn’t washing these away!)

We started with a walk (kinda hard to photograph yourselves on that…)

On walks, my prince is looking for kitties & I’m looking for flowers.
This is usually a good house for both…

There are two kitties on top of the car, one underneath & one on the ladder

Unfortunately, none of them were feeling motivated to come for petting (the ginger one often does).

My prince wasn’t really feeling well (sore neck, swollen lymph nodes) & started feeling worse on the walk, so we headed home a little earlier than usual (besides, the mosquitoes were getting aggravating–usually it’s ok if we’re walking, but the rain we’ve had all summer has mushroomed the population).

He eventually figured out that he felt better when he left his lymph nodes alone & they’re pretty much back to normal now–but I’m getting ahead of myself…

Once home, my prince suggested we get out Skip-A-Cross (the cardboard version of Scrabble), and I further suggested we use a variation I’d come across at the Romantic Vineyard (although we didn’t follow their rules entirely).

Yes, the popcorn came out again…

Our version was to turn all the tiles right side up & use as many as we pleased as long as the word formed had something to do with romance or our relationship. We pooled our points for one grand score–my prince was hoping to top 500 together (neither of us are all that competitive).

He wanted me to start, so I spelled out “prince” across the center square. He added two “s’s” to make it “princess” and we went from there ’till we’d used up all (and I do mean all!) the tiles.

In case you're wondering, the word across the top of the board is "kittified"--a playful way of saying we have kitties :).

Toward the end we got a little creative. Since we were fudging the rules anyway, I asked if I could turn a “z” sideways & use it as an “n” in “June” (only accepting as many points as a “real” “n” would get, though!), and a bit later my prince turned a “W” sideways for an “E” in “garden”.

And we did top 500 points–rather handily ;).

I really enjoyed this version of Skip-A-Cross :). I wasn’t cramped by a limited number of letters & if I saw a great spot for a given word, I could usually use it, rather than thinking, “Oh, if only I had an e!” (or whatever letter was missing). It did get more challenging toward the end when most of the letters were gone, but even that wasn’t so bad–especially with our “creative” rules ;). And the word choices were fun too (and connective) :).

We’ll definitely be keeping this one in our bag of tricks!

I see another site suggests using each word in a romantic sentence.
We might add that next time…

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