Let’s Have a Ball!

It all started at a church rummage sale…
My prince found a large, rubbery, pink ball:
“What about this for our date nights?”

By the time we’d gotten to Friday & still hadn’t gotten a date in,
I “grabbed the ball & ran with it”…
my prince came home to this:

I’d have served meatballs, except that we keep Fridays meatless in honor of Good Friday…and the blueberries are done for the year, so my usual “ball foods” are out. 
My prince brought home corn on the cob from a friend’s garden (I’ve never had success growing corn here), so that was the special addition to our meal.

The new ball did add a new twist to our “roll a ball back & forth” conversation style!

This one goes airborne!

The kitties didn’t chase it the way they do the smaller one 
(especially after they got in its way & got bonked with it!),
but Moses still got in on the action in his own way.

It did lighten up a conversation that was otherwise on the heavy side
(we needed to hash through a challenging situation
coming from an outside source).

It’s hard to be excessively serious with this thing!

And ultimately,
“He’s got the whole wo-rld in His hands…”

…including us.

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