More Bonkers

We were overdue. It’s been too long (and too much stress in between) since we’ve pulled out our version of Bonkers.

We got a walk in first. We finally have nice weather for walks & are trying to make the most of it…and we did get to pet a friendly local kitty in the process this time 🙂 (sometimes the trick is not letting them follow us home!). The mosquitoes were still pretty bad, though, so we weren’t out all that long.

As I followed the directions on the first card (rubbing my prince’s shoulders, I think), he exclaimed over how good it felt & melted. He’d been wishing aloud that he had something to relax him the way my new swing does for me. I’m not sure this was it, but it sure helped!

And when I exclaimed over how good it felt to have him scritch my back, he was surprised–he hadn’t realized it’d been that long since he’d done it.

When he got the “Start Something” card (which I’ve never known quite what to do with), he pulled out my new kitty puppet (who, by the way, finally has a name: “Purrla”–pearly white, related to the “pearl of great price” & musical: as she says, “Purr-la, Purr-la, Purr-la-la-la-la-la-a” as per the Sound of Music’s “So long, farewell…”) and played with me for a bit :).

The night ended too soon, but we were both more relaxed, happy & connected when it did.
We need to do this more often!

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