Pumpkin Date

Frost is predicted this week–it’s time to get the pumpkins out of the garden (I hear they keep better if you pick them before frost).

We needed a date idea anyway, so I emailed my Prince at school…

Subject: For my Sweetie Pi 😉
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2011 10:29:16 -0500

Let’s make it a Pumpkin Date ;)!

You can put me in a “pumpkin shell”…I promise I’ll keep 😉

Love you!

God bless 🙂

Your Princess

Q: What do you get if you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its
A: Pumpkin pi.

(Yes, “Pi” in the subject line was intentional–my prince is a math teacher, after all ;)!).

The table decoration was easy–my prince’s mom had just given us some small pumpkins from her garden (“Winter Luxury“–the best, sweetest, most creamy pumpkin we’ve ever tasted!).

I had a few more options for the meal this time…my meatloaf is made with pumpkin, and I’d just worked out a pumpkin cake recipe we can both have (as long as we don’t overdo–neither of us is supposed to have much in the way of sweets!). I was going to make pumpkin custard (pumpkin pie without the crust), but when I emailed my prince saying that cake was an option, he let me know he’d enjoy that–and it really wasn’t any harder.

My prince frosted his with coconut cream (he found an unsweetened version at an Asian market & added a little sugar & vanillin). I used plain yogurt sweetened with a little maple syrup for mine.

Then we headed out to the pumpkin patch. It wasn’t supposed to be a pumpkin patch. I’d saved seeds the year before & thought I was planting butternut squash…but when they started producing, I figured I must’ve gotten the wrong seeds. I’ve never seen butternut this size! My prince started cutting them free…
Say What?!

That looks like a butternut on the bottom!
We seem to have had some cross-breeding going on … it’s going to be very interesting to find out how these taste!

Addendum: These were the yummiest squash we’ve ever grown! When I served it to my prince for the first time, he asked, “Did you add sugar?” (I hadn’t) They’re moist, sweet & the last one kept until June! (although it had lost its sweetness by then–it was about as good as the average pumpkin). We talked to the friends who gave us the original butternut squash (I’d saved the seeds), but they couldn’t remember what other squash they’d grown that year–they didn’t like it, so they hadn’t kept the information. Nor could I figure out, a year later, which seeds I’d planted. So we finally planted seeds from the ones shown above–some came out as good & some didn’t, so we’re saving seeds from the good ones–and being much more careful with labeling!

Peeking out of the “pumpkin patch”

Our “haul”

Heading downstairs for storage

My prince watered the garden for me too–it’s finally dry enough to need it!

Then we retired to the “pumpkin shell”–a beanbag covered with an orange plastic tablecloth. Moses wasn’t quite so keen on this–more room for us sweetie-pumpkins ;)!

We took turns giving each other back/shoulder rubs there (keeping in mind the lesson we learned with Bonkers last week!), after which I took my prince’s head in my lap & started gently massaging his head & neck. He melted again & said he needs to add this to the list of “You can do this anytime!”

good to know! He’s been having trouble with neck tension & neck cricks off & on for a while now, but has rarely taken me up on my offers to rub his neck before. By the end of the evening he said his neck felt more relaxed than it had for a long time.

Yay! I have a new way to help my prince :)!

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