Plum the Heights Date

It’s harvest season here in the midst of our edible landscaping.

Sunday night my prince suggested we pick the rest of the plums on Monday (he’d already gotten most of the crop that could be reached from the ground) & this idea leapt into my imagination:

(yes, we both enjoy puns!)

I sent it as an email, so he’d have time for anticipation :).

I’d have loved to put plums on the menu, but he’s not sure they’re ok (last time he had a bunch he felt funny), so I pulled together a meatball stew (with double meatballs just for him!) instead.  Our plums are roughly the size & shape of meatballs!

After supper we “headed for the heights”!

My prince used the ladder…

While I wielded the fruit picker.

In case you're wondering, that's a timer clipped to my skirt pocket--I had breakfast bread in the oven

And we filled three bowls like this–on top of the two my prince had picked previously.

I’ve got my work cut out for me!

Given the crowded condition of our freezers, these are going in the dehydrator.
I’d hoped to have the previous batch dehydrating already to make room for the new ones (I wanted to be able to spend the rest of the evening just focusing on each other), but that didn’t happen, so I started drying plums while my prince picked up reading to me where we’d left off in The Wife Desired.

We were at the point where it goes on at length about the importance of a wife inspiring her husband–precisely the area where I’ve been feeling like I need to improve & don’t know how–plenty of fodder for conversation… My prince assured me that I’ve always been inspiring, even at my worst, and that he’s seen marked improvement over the past couple of months (news to me). What means the most to him, though, is spontaneous body-language communication of “I’m glad you’re here” and “You make me happy.” Hmm…so how does one improve that?!

It was a fruitful date (*ahem* ;))…but could’ve used more kinesthetic connectiveness…

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