Another Enchanting Evening

One thing I’ve been missing in our dates lately is touch. We’ve been working well & talking well together, but I’ve been feeling “out of touch”–literally–despite our daily routine of hugs, kisses & blessings (I know, I know, I have nothing to complain about!).
It finally occurred to me to dust off An Enchanting Evening.

I sent this to my prince at school

(it looks better on screen than in print anyway!)
…and he wrote back saying he was looking forward to the evening :).

I wasn’t as creative with the setting or meal as last time, and there were a few unrelated projects we needed to finish before we could get to our date, but it was worth the wait :).

(I thought of posting our re-written “prince/princess” version of the cards, but that would be giving the game away & would probably violate copyright, so here’s a blank file EnchantBlank if you want to re-write your own cards)

We settled in with our usual popcorn, turned up the furnace a bit, and traded our “street clothes” for something more silky–after the photo was taken ;).

When my prince got the question about how he’d introduce himself at a party if we’d never met before, he did a re-enactment of the way we did meet–he rather bashfully asked me to dance! I asked, “Could I?”, and startled him by putting on music & getting up so we could. He thought this was just hypothetical…but don’t ask this kitty to dance unless you’re prepared to follow through ;)! We hugged & swayed to the overture from the “Nutcracker Suite” (about the limit of our ability to dance together).

When he got this card:

Imagine that your prince/princess
is cuddly and furry –
softly stroke his/her back
until you hear “purring.”

…he said we could forget the rest of the game & just stick with this for the rest of the night!

As it was, we only made it halfway around the board by bedtime (& we’ve both been tired & borderline sick for a while now, so a late night was out of the question).

Despite my headache, the whole experience was a much-needed, long-overdue dose of connection, both physical and emotional, and was followed by one of my better nights’ sleep.

This morning I included this with his lunch…

…with a note on the back thanking him for the “tweetment”
and telling him “Dr. Sweetie” can “practise” on me anytime ;)!

We need to do this (or something comparable) more often!

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