Bonkers For You Date

My prince planned this date. At school, he created & sent me this invitation:

Unfortunately, the internet seems to have eaten it–he had to resend it (I think it was on his private internet account) after he got home! (He wondered why I hadn’t mentioned it…) That’s ok :). I got the message later than he planned, but I still got it!

He was referring, of course, to our special date-night version of the board game “Bonkers” (down loadable, editable copies of our Bonkers cards can be found here: Bonkers).

We had to be a little more creative than usual in setup because I have a couple of craft projects all over the coffee table (oops!). My prince pressed an ottoman into service, we added a TV tray (and, of course, our usual bowls of popcorn!) & were in business.

What we hadn’t quite expected was that this new setup would attract kitty involvement! Mittens was looking for attention. We’ve called her “bonky Mitts” for quite some time because of her characteristic head-butt (bonk) version of affection, but I’d never quite put the play on words together before! And she was in one of her freaky moods, rolling on the floor & meowing. Bonkers Kitty! I was too slow with the camera to catch that, but when my prince tossed her a die, she was happy to play.

The trouble was, she didn’t stop there!

She lurked…

When we were busy doing what the cards said, she was helping herself to the “toys” on the board! There was a swipe at the dice. My prince’s playing piece disappeared (to be found on the floor after a brief search). Then she helped herself to a taste of one of the cards…

Crazy cat ;)! (like I should talk! ;))

In the meantime, the exchange of hugs, smiles & various forms of touch was lovely :). There were lots of back scritches “in the cards” for my prince:

I seemed to get more head stroking (purr like a kitty! ;)).

I landed on “lose,” which in the standard form of the game is a real downer (you lose a point & a turn), but with this version it just mean that the game lasted longer & that my prince got to treat me to caresses while I waited for my turn to come back.
Maybe I shouldn’t avoid that part of the board so assiduously after all ;)!

The night was still young when we finished (my prince got too many points too fast! ;)),
so we continued the cuddles as we retired for the night. No complaints on that either!

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