Cube Date

Yes, I married a mathematician!
As I was putting the finishing touches on supper, I received the following email invitation:

Let’s have a (date)^3!

For tonight, we’ll talk and dine on the cubic theme… cubic meat (meatloaf, perhaps), cubic potatoes (if any are left), etc… and talk of cubic things (based on the mood cubes).

Be there, or be cubed!

🙂 Love you, Sweetie!

Love always,
Your Prince

Ok, time to raid the freezer! The meal I’d made would be fine for his lunch the next day. Yes, we did have meatloaf…and yellow squash that I’d cubed before freezing.
Cube some potatoes for raw fries & we’re in business (good thing my prince has an hour commute!).

My prince had a few things to look up before we started our date proper,
so I worked on my filet crochet (not quite cubes, but squares, anyway!).

I need 5 yards of this stuff (at about an inch an hour),
so I’m trying to make the most of every spare moment!

Then we got out the conversation cubes.

The pink ones complete the phrase “I feel” & the green ones, “I need.”
My prince picked a cube at random & we talked about what would cause that feeling or need & just what we meant by it. At one point my price specifically picked the cube indicating “I need space” & asked why I’d even made it–when would it ever be true? He regularly feels the need for space, but it seems like I never do (as a childless homemaker, I tend to get more space than I really want). I admitted it was rare, & talked about the few circumstances where I have felt the need to get away.

In the midst of this I remembered that the plenary indulgence for praying at a cemetery was still available (every day from Nov 1-8, with the usual conditions) & asked if my prince wanted to take advantage of it. He did, so we bundled out into the night and drove to the nearest cemetery, hoping nobody would mind that we were there after dark (it gets dark so early this time of year!).
We made every one of the 8 days this year.
Rest in peace, dear Holy Souls :).

By the time we got back my prince was ready for an early bedtime, so we called it a night.

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