Rubber Ball Marble-Go-Down Date

My creativity was on a low ebb this week. It’d been another rough weekend & I wasn’t sure what would go over well, so I kept things basic. We’d found super balls (party favors) at a dollar store that are actually small enough to fit our marble-go-down (once I propped up the top track a little with a piece of toothpick), so we gave those their “maiden voyage” (with our usual popcorn on the side) after a meal of meatballs.

I liked the colors.

My prince liked the lack of clatter!

The kitties liked the novelty.

Mostly we used the time to talk about our early years & what had worked then to enrich our relationship. My prince lamented our meager social life–which is saying a lot for an introvert! It was God’s timing that not long after a couple we know invited us to stop over at their place for lunch after Mass!

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