Thinking Cap Date

A priest friend recently sent us a couple of logic puzzles he’d devised for our amusement.
In preparation for using them, I cobbled together a couple of “thinking caps”
out of brown paper & masking tape to set the atmosphere
(chuckling to myself that I ought to make “feeling caps” out of something warm & fuzzy
for occasions when emotions aren’t so obvious ;))

My prince chose the puzzle about mushrooms–
trying to pick out a pair based on a series of clues.
Armed with popcorn with our thinking caps on, we dug in,

and after a process of elimination we came down to two pairs.
We couldn’t eliminate either of them.
So…my prince started over with a different method.
We got the same answer.
Finally we checked the “real” answer
and realized we’d been misinterpreting one of the clues.
And that was that for the night.

The next day my prince came home with a sleeve of flowers–
maybe I’d have more success arranging those.

I did :).

How sweet!

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