Indoor Fishing Date

As we were tossing a beanbag (dried cherry pits sewn into a scrap of fabric)
back & forth over conversation the other day
I noted that we could make a carnival-type beanbag toss game
where you aimed for holes to win various forms of physical affection.
My prince thought that had potential…my wheels started turning!

So far, Bonkers is still our best “connective” date.
Could I take that idea
(semi-random instructions for enjoying each other)
to another venue…?
My knowledge of the beanbag toss is that it would be limited
to just a few “prizes” (one per hole).
What about a game that had more variety in winning?

The duckpond has potential, but we don’t have rubber ducks.
I may yet pursue that–there are some incredible rubber duckies out there!
(The ads say the cute ones don’t float upright,
but there ought to be a way to weight them…)

What about the fishing game?

I was off & running :)!

I looked up a list of common types of fish and let my sense of wordplay run:

tuna–sing a tune for your sweetie
angelfish-greet your guardian angels and welcome them. Ask them to bless you as a couple, and ask your Sweetie’s guardian angel in particular to bless him/her.
flounder-flounder around with your sweetie
walleye-look lovingly at your sweetie (then “make eyes” at him/her!)
smelt-sniff your sweetie
damselfish-act out a “rescue the damsel-in distress” scene with your sweetie
flying fish-fly into your sweetie’s arms
perch-perch on your sweetie’s lap
catfish-pet your sweetie like a kitty
dogfish-give your sweetie puppydog eyes
goldfish-tell your sweetie why he/she is better than gold to you
sheepshead–butt your sweetie with your head
stickleback-scritch your sweetie’s back
mackerel-rub your sweetie’s backerel
fishlips (this was a clip art image I already had of two fish kissing each other) were made for kissing–give your sweetie a fishlips kiss
pickerel-tell your sweetie why you’d pick him/her all over again
rockfish-rock your sweetie
roughy–roughouse with your sweeties
grouper–be your sweetie’s groupy & hang all over him/her
doctorfish-play doctor with your sweetie
flashlight fish-examine your sweetie carefully by flashlight
seahorse-play horsey with your sweetie
herring-stroke your sweetie’s hair
sardine-pack yourself up close to your sweetie as if you were sardines in a can
sole-massage your sweetie’s sole
barracuda-bare something
clownfish-clown around with your sweetie
mullet-put something yummy in your sweetie’s gullet
nibblefish-nibble on your sweetie
pollock-pretend you’re a padlock & “lock up” your sweetie
shad-shed a piece of clothing
shiner-take a shine to your sweetie, and shine on him/her

The easy way would be to print these on fish outlines,
but I wanted to see what those fish looked like,
so I hunted down photos on Wikimedia Commons,
folded them double (so you couldn’t read the instruction until you caught the fish!),
cut them out & wrote the directions inside by hand.
I glued on a tiny circle of wire (cut-up paperclip) at each fish’s mouth
& got a fishing rod ready.
We already had a fishing rod toy for our kitties–
I just had to wrap the end of the beading onto a magnet.

Now for the invitation:

No, I didn’t marry a fisherman…but I was out to change that–at least indoors ;)!

The waterfall is painted on our bedroom wall (which is a story in and of itself).
It came in handy here!

For the menu, I made a picnic of fried Pollock and “bait”:
zucchini cut into “pasta” with a Spirooli for “worms”
(we got ours for a song second hand–it really is pretty amazing–
just beware that it’s insanely easy to slice your fingers open with one of these!)

popcorn “flies”
cracker “minnows” (shaped by hand–Goldfish crackers would’ve come in handy,
but in addition to the allergy issues, my prince said he never liked them anyway).
Half of the minnows were sweetened & half were savory (hence the two bowls).
There was “fish sauce” (applesauce) to go with the minnows
& my prince had potato salad on the side.

The centerpiece was a plastic fish (cake decorating supplies)
and a bit of plastic evergreen (Christmas decoration)
tucked into a bed of glass pebbles in water tinted with blue food coloring.
The floating candle is a remnant of a mostly-burned-out votive (it didn’t last very long).

The audio ambiance was the cd “Frog Heaven.”

I hung a sign on our bedroom door for good measure:

Before we started, my prince wrestled a cucuzza (edible gourd) out of the tree for me–
no mean feat!
What you see at the bottom of the picture is the tassels of the top of the corn–
and it’s taller than I am!

Seriously–I had no idea the thing would get to the top of the tree!
We’ve got other trellising in the works for next year…

Then the fun commenced :).

My prince started out with a clownfish.  That was ok…

Then I caught a flying fish–and bowled him over :).

He was getting to like this…!

I asked if he wanted to keep the fish or throw them back.
He wanted to know “What’s the difference?”
The difference is whether you can catch them again…
He caught on.
Some of the fish got thrown back a lot!
Not only did that prolong the game, but it gave me a better sense of what he likes
(I’m keeping the details between the two of us!).

My prince didn’t see the dry-erase marker love note on the bathroom mirror
’till the next morning:

I don’t think I’ll get any objections the next time I want to go fishing ;)!

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One Response to Indoor Fishing Date

  1. angie says:

    Glad your back at date night! This is a super fun idea!!!

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