A Dance A Day

I love it when my prince goes on retreat–
he always comes home with presence for me–the best present of all :).

This year, he also brought back a vision,
a resolution which he presented formally a few days later,
on our 15-year anniversary:


He’d already been living it.
I’m loving it!

One element he’d been pondering was dance.
I love to dance (and we met at a dance–wedding reception),
but any spinning/twirling at all makes him dizzy.

He was wondering if one dance a day
(hug & sway back & forth–he thought he could handle that)
would be frustrating for me (so close & yet so far…).

Hey, I’ll take what I can get!

It’s been a blessing.

He typically picks a song off of YouTube (lots of options)
that has a romantic message for me (although I’ve chosen a couple too).

I curtsey to him. He bows to me.
And we dance.

It’s an intimate time,
gazing into each others eyes,
nestling in each others’ arms,
just a couple of minutes every day where we stop the world and reconnect–
to music.
We close with another bow and curtsey and “Thank you, Sweetheart :).”

I recommend it!

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