We are a Roman Catholic Couple, wed in the Year of the Holy Spirit (1998), seeking to live out our vocation to be an ever better image of the love shared between Christ and His Church. We each have the experience of pursuing a religious vocation, only to have God redirect each of us us (during our respective periods of formation) toward the vocation of marriage. This gave us a greater sense of marriage as a vocation, as a sacred calling to help each other on the path to Heaven and to bring as many other people with us as possible.

Although the good God has not seen fit to bless us with biological children, we are open to life and seek to promote a culture of life however we can. We also value homeschooling (we’d planned to homeschool before we realized that we couldn’t have children!).

We refer to each other as prince and princess because our Baptisms have made us children of God (Galatians 3:26-27), the King of Kings (I Timothy 6:15). The son of a king is a prince; the daughter, a princess.

The prince is a math teacher at a Catholic high school and Godfather of four. He is also a member of the Militia of the Immaculata (http://www.consecration.com/). His interests include:
Daily Mass
reading, especially G.K. Chesterton
serving the Latin Mass (a recently-acquired skill)
answering questions about the Catholic faith
listening to music
watching movies
writing programs on his graphing calculator
playing with math & logic
puns & wacky metaphors
researching information on the internet
philosophy & debates (if friendly)
snuggling with my sweetie

The princess is a homemaker and Godmother of two (we share two Godchildren). Her interests include:
Eucharistic Adoration,
daily Mass (when she can get there),
talking & cuddling with my sweetheart,
talking about God (but not debates!),
long flowing skirts,
kitties (we have two),
decorating (walls, cards, stationery, jewelry, food, anything that holds still long enough!),
netting (a type of lace-making),
graphic design,
music, playing the flute, singing, silence, dancing (informal or simple contra),
looking things up,
strings of little white lights,
bonfires, candles,
our lack of TV (!),
planning fun little surprises

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