Grandma Mackey’s Kosher Dill Pickles

Prepare: 10 quart jars (in oven at 250F)
10 jar lids (in a small pan of boiling water)
pot of boiling water that’ll hold 3 jars upright
10 quarts of cucumbers (wash, slice, quarter, etc.–small ones can be left whole).
Towel on cupboard
Bring to a boil: 1 qt. (scant ½ cup/qt.)cider vinegar
3 qts. (scant 1¼ cup/qt.) water
4 Tbsp. (about 1¼ tsp./qt.) non-iodized salt
Drop cucumbers in long enough to turn color (from bright green to brownish, more like the vinegar). Set 3 jars upright in a pot of hot water, making sure the pot is small enough that the jars can’t fall over. Remove cucumbers from liquid & pack in hot jars which have:
1 sprig dill
1 grape leaf
1 clove cut garlic inside. Top with more dill.
Boil liquid, pour into packed jars & seal. Makes 10 qts. of pickles.

Notes: 12 quarts of cuke slices tossed in a jar turned into 9 quarts when carefully packed. 1 peck of cucumbers yielded about 7½ quarts of pickles.

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