Sturdy Oat Crackers

“Sturdy” doesn’t mean tough. It means they hold together when you spread things on them–previous attempts would “melt in your mouth”, but fell apart under almond butter or tuna salad!

Grind 4½ cups of oatmeal to flour in blender
Add: 1¼ tsp. salt
2 eggs + enough water to measure 1 cup (put through blender).
¼ cup oil (or so–I don’t measure)
Dough should be soft but not sticky (it thickens as it stands)
Press in greased 11½ x 16½ pan (extra large jelly roll pan) & cut into squares (Pizza cutter works great for this)…or roll out ¼” thick, cut into whatever shape you like and put on cookie sheets. Bake 30+ min @400F or until crackers brown a little & crisp. Refrigerate (otherwise they quickly go rancid)

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