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R’ice Cream & Reading Date

My prince was lamenting lately (when the temperature soared into the 90’s) that it was weather like this that makes him miss ice cream. I got to wondering. Could I do anything with rice milk? Well, shortly after that I … Continue reading

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Lawn Mower Love Note

We have a lot of daisies (and other assorted vegetation) growing amid the grass in our yard (that’s the way we want it). My lawn-mowing prince took advantage of this patch to leave me a flowering heart :). In the … Continue reading

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Cuddling Up With a Video

My prince arranged this week’s date. He rearranged the couch & his laptop cart so that we could cuddle while we watched the Mother Teresa DVD my spiritual director had loaned us. As you can see, we had our usual … Continue reading

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The “Undate”

I suppose you could say God arranged this one–we certainly didn’t! It’s about as far from anything we would’ve planned for time together as we could get! It was Final’s week and my prince (the teacher) had the presentation for … Continue reading

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13-Year Anniversary Date

That’s 156 in monthly anniversaries 🙂 ! (yes, I know, “anno” refers to years, but I’m not sure what prefix works for months & I don’t think too many people would know what I meant if I did!) We started … Continue reading

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A Princess’ Proclamation

Hear ye, hear ye! My valiant prince hath conquered that foul monster, the sluggish sink! I hereby dub thee…(drumroll, please!)… Sir Drainsalot!

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